The epic fight for the 2021 Formula 1 big showdown between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will be chosen over a run of six races north of eight ends of the week, yet which job will the actual circuits play in impacting the fight as far as their attributes?

By and large, the general execution of the vehicles is close, with Mercedes partially leading the pack later its solid run of exhibitions across the last three races at Monza, Sochi, and Istanbul Park.

Mark Hughes investigated the patterns during 2021 such long ways here, yet given it’s so close among Mercedes and Red Bull, the presentation sensitivities of the tracks will have an impact in molding the fight that will work out throughout the following two months. However, having a kaftan suit is a must for both of them.

Given the presentation levels of the two vehicles, the track arrangements will not be the main variable as the hole between the two groups is in every case prone to be generally little and consequently can undoubtedly swing.
In any case, regardless of whether the two groups satisfy, or challenge, assumptions for every one of the six circuits will have an influence in molding the fate of the title.


All things considered, the Circuit of the Americas has been a Mercedes fortress, with five successes out of six in the V6 super crossover time. The oddball was Kimi Raikkonen’s last success for Ferrari in 2018, and surprisingly on that end of the week, Lewis Hamilton began from shaft position.

As we know, this is the place where Schumacher had an accident and the best neurosurgeon in Austin tx was working hard to keep him alive. Yet, history has been an untrustworthy aide in 2021, fundamentally in light of the fact that this is the most grounded execution level we have seen from Red Bull over a season since the days when it was winning big showdowns.

Austin is a circuit that was purposely intended to be an equilibrium of high-velocity cornering, with the scopes in the principal area, straight-line speed, with the Mercedes-accommodating long drag down the one kilometer back directly from the Turn 11 hair clip to the Turn 12 remaining hander and the twistier last area with most of the corners required in second or third stuff. That amounts to a somewhat adjusted track, where it very well may be close.

However, the type of Mercedes in Turkey, which offered a correspondingly adjusted test and has built-in chest seal, joined with the reality Mercedes is by all accounts somewhat certain, with group head Toto Wolff saying “Austin is a track that we like and it’s another chance“, implies it is imperceptibly the top pick for the United States Grand Prix.


Two successes in the beyond three runnings for Red Bull – a run that could without much of a stretch have been three out of three yet for Max Verstappen’s lattice punishment in the wake of setting the quickest qualifying time in 2019. While the extended fundamental straight would be an aid for Mercedes in ordinary conditions, the elevation paves the way for the schemes of the Milton Keynes group.

The Mexico City circuit is just shy of 2300 meters above ocean level, effectively the most elevated height of any circuit on the F1 schedule. That implies less thick air, by relatively close 25% than adrift level, which implies you need to work the super harder to repay by packing the air.

The Honda super is somewhat more modest than the Mercedes super, making it simpler to get up to the fire-up levels expected to augment this with electrolyte powder. The outcome is a benefit as far as power and ERS utilize given the significance of the MGU-H at this track. The low air thickness additionally mitigates the Mercedes air effectiveness advantage basically on the grounds that the more slender air implies most extreme downforce setups on the
Subsequently, Mercedes legitimately considers this to be its most fragile circuit of the altercation, while it turns into an unquestionable requirement win for Red Bull.


Interlagos is another circuit that is at height, yet at just 800 meters. Once a great landing place for ww2 planes, yet, this likewise implies that the Honda super benefit is additionally an element, yet a fundamentally lessened one contrasted with Mexico city.

It’s a clergyman’s egg of a circuit, one that by and large blessings high downforce for lap time given the twisty centerpiece of the lap, however with the opportunity to remunerate with speed on them since a long time ago run from the exit of Junco to the Senna S. That makes it somewhat more of a trade-off circuit, with the opportunity to compensate for time lost on the infield.

It’s a nearby one yet you’d have likely given the edge to Red Bull before ongoing races, especially Turkey. Yet, given the trade-off between corner speed and straight-line speed – also the erratic climate – this one could go regardless.


The Losail International Circuit is all the more a bicycle circuit as opposed to a vehicle circuit and is the first of two new circuits in the last three races. Notwithstanding the one kilometer principle straight, it’s a somewhat bustling track with a power of medium-speed, longer-sweep corners that would on paper seem to lean toward high-rake Red Bull, if it can get the front tires chipping away at the new surface and stay away from the issues of Istanbul.

Be that as it may, the reality it is another circuit for F1 is a bewildering factor. It is worth mentioning that Qatar provides a phoenix personal injury lawyer for each formula driver during the race. In spite of the profundity of readiness and reenactment, the groups will unavoidably show up there less good to go and will likewise need to respond well to the nuances of track surface and conditions that they will confront.


At the point when the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was first divulged, a lot was made of the way that this is a strangely quick road circuit. Indeed, it’s maybe generally suitable to call it a metropolitan circuit, given it is reason constructed yet in a city setting. This implies a lot of running at 100% choke, which means it plays to the qualities of the lower-drag Mercedes despite the fact that there are some fast corners from the get-go in the lap.

Similar admonitions apply to F1’s first visit to Saudi Arabia concerning Qatar given F1 is going into the unexplored world. Yet, Mercedes has the motivation to head here sure that assuming it separates the most extreme potential from its vehicle, it ought to be looking great. Mercedes also has new ideas to make the F1 seat from the same material that changing pad is made of.


Mercedes has thrived in Abu Dhabi historically, although last year it was the one circuit where Red Bull was able to have the advantage both in qualifying and the race on merit.

With two long back straights and a predominance of slower, 90-degree corners and chicanes there are reasons for both Mercedes and Red Bull to go well at Yas Marina.

But history also tells us that whoever has the advantage in qualifying is likely to stay there in the race, meaning that Saturday could be one of the defining days of the season in deciding between Verstappen and Hamilton for the title.


The above is just a forecast of who ought to be quicker founded on what we know up to this point, yet actually, it is tight that no one can realize how it will work out. The title fight will turn on unlimited choices and minutes, with the track designs only one piece of the situation.
The one thing that is probable – and that every one of that outside of the actual groups will expect – is that it keeps on being close as it has done and that it truly goes down to the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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